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Riley Children's Health Entrance

Source: PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis

INDIANAPOLIS — Three people have been charged with neglect after a 12-year-old girl died of a bacterial infection last month.

Rosa Hargrave – a young girl with autism – was taken to Riley Hospital for Children with an oozing injury on her back and abdomen that was badly infected.  Unfortunately, she did not survive.

Doctors think the girl was neglected, as her symptoms should have been noticed days before she actually went to the hospital.  It seems her injury was the result of a skin graft that had not been properly cleaned or dressed since it was done in late 2020.  And, this was not the only medical concern the girl had faced in recent years.

In searching Hargrave’s home, investigators say they found deplorable living conditions, with mice, cockroaches, rotten food, and more.  The other children in the house had been bitten by bugs and mice, and they looked like they had not been properly cleaned or fed.

As a result, Hargrave’s mother, aunt, and her mother’s boyfriend have been arrested and charged with neglect.  They should each go on trial in June.