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On Monday two residents in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood were arrested for running a Chinese government police station.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Chinese sent secret police to America to setup a secret police station in the biggest city on our soil. They did not give the attorney general any notice like they were supposed to. Imagine the response we would get from China if we setup a secret police station in Bejing. The response would be anything but good.

On top of that, there is no way that is the only secret police station that the Chinese have setup. Part of what the secret police were doing was basic government services like renewing a driver’s license.

Cities on the west coast like Los Angeles and San Francisco also have a large population of Chinese residents, and there is a chance that China has setup similar secret police stations in those places as well.

This is a major threat to our national security.

The two Chinese officers that were arrested were American citizens. They made their first appearance in court yesterday.

The 34 other officers have all been accused of conspiracy to transmit interstate threats and conspiracy to commit interstate harassment.

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