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Juicy burger with onion rings and french fries

Grilled, thick, cooked “medium” with cheese, lettuce and tomato on top. That’s how I like my burger. This truly American classic is like a friend that I’m always happy to see.

Double meat burger with vegetables on a white background. Delicious cheeseburger on a plate. Meat fast food. A large hamburger with a double cutlet.

Why do we love hamburgers so much?

Burgers are easy to eat. The meat has already been ground up and when served on a bun there’s no cutting, only lifting. They are portable and convenient.

Hamburgers are like comfort food. It’s food that puts you in a good mood…that’s appealing! And because burgers come with an array of sides, you can build yours to your own taste.

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I also love the price of a cheeseburger compared to other menu items. If you’re going out to dinner and the entrees cost $20, the burger almost always costs half.

Hamburgers are easy to make. Even when in a rush, and still using high quality ingredients you can have a fully cooked slider on your plate in just a few minutes.

Delicious black burger in cafe in daytime

But which burger is the best? Readers Digest has an answer as they have published a list of the best burger in every state.

Who serves the best burgers in Indiana?

According to Readers Digest the honor belongs to Bru Burger Bar. They say,

“With nine locations in Indiana, plus extra in Kentucky and Ohio, Bru Burger Bar is a convenient place to stop when you’re in the Midwest. Featuring a signature grind of sirloin, chuck, and brisket, plus locally sourced produce (some even grown in Bru’s own greenhouse), the chef-crafted burgers will have your mouth watering in no time. Cheese lovers should look out for the Garlic Three-Cheese, a combination of Swiss, American, mozzarella, roasted garlic, and truffle aioli that makes for a decadent dining experience.”

Burger with meat and fried yellow cheese with onions tomatoes cucumber lettuce and sauces. Abstract fast food photo.

Bru Burger Bar states,

“The hamburger is over 100 years old. It’s a classic, purely American, and an icon. The hamburger is the people’s sandwich, everyman’s food. Paired with a beer, we can’t imagine what could be much better.”

Modern black burger on wooden board

Here are some burger fun facts:

  • Americans alone consume approximately 50-billion burgers a year.
  • The average American consumes about 30 pounds of hamburgers a year.
  • On average, Americans eat 3 hamburgers a week.
  • More than seven of every ten burgers (73% or 9.6 billion) consumed in the U.S. were prepared and purchased out of the home.

Raw meat burger patty with salt, pepper and rosemary on wooden cutting board.

  • The Hamburger Hall of Fame is located in Seymour, Wisconsin.
  • If all Hamburgers eaten by Americans in a year are arranged in a straight line, it would circle our Earth 32 times or more!
  • Hamburger (ground beef patty) is the most popular food for the grill, followed by steak and chicken.
  • Nearly 60-percent of all sandwiches sold worldwide are actually hamburgers.

Portrait of happy young woman with burger fast food wearing baseball cap on blue background

  • The hamburger made its official debut at the 1904 St. Louis food festival.
  • The Library of Congress credits Louis Lassen, a Danish immigrant, owner of Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut as the creator of the hamburger as we know it.

I’m hungry now. Who do you think offers the best burgers in Indiana?