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A parent working with their child on e-learning

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Vandalism shut down Greenwood High School Tuesday, leaving the students home for an e-learning day.

Monday night, students broke into the Greenwood High School and set off fire extinguishers.

The Greenwood Community School Administration decided to keep High School students home Tuesday while they work with the Greenwood Fire Department to clean up the school.

They said in a press release, “Fire extinguishers were set off inside a hallway. This will result in a deep cleaning of the school. The district is working closely with the police department to find the responsible parties. School officials are also working with the fire department to clean the school.”

The school did not clarify on the extent of the damages caused by the vandalism.

All after school activities will continue as scheduled. The Greenwood High School will be open tomorrow, Wednesday March 7th.

Anyone with more information on who vandalized the school is asked to call the Greenwood Police Department at (317) 882-9191.