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USA license plate set

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BIG*FART was denied. So was MRS*TURD. S0BER*AF was rejected too. Last year, 722 personalized license plates were not approved by the BMV. The list of vetoes, which WRTV acquired through an information request with the BMV, range from wildly profane to sexually explicit to politically motivated to complete gibberish. The numbers are trending down as 2021 saw 752 rejected.

According to the BMV, personalized Indiana license plates can only contain a combination of numbers and letters. Special characters are not allowed. Therefore, SLTY*BCH was not accepted. I bet you can guess how they felt about that.

A committee of approximately 40 BMV employees’ reviews requests drivers submit.

US licence plates

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The BMV may refuse to issue a PLP (personal license plate) containing a combination of letters or numbers, or both, if the following apply:

  • Carries a meaning or connotation offensive to good taste and decency.
  • Would be misleading; or
  • The BMV otherwise considers improper for issuance.

If your PLP request is approved, you will receive your license plate in the mail within 30 days of your request.

If your PLP request is denied, you will receive a denial letter in the mail. You can try again for another message, request an appeal hearing or register a standard plate.

For a complete list of standard plates available from the Indiana BMV, click here.

You can see the entire list of 722 rejects here. However, beware, BOOB*GUY is on the list. So is WTFBRO and many others deemed unsuitable for sensitive eyes.