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Colts Jeff Saturday press conference

INDIANAPOLIS — It’s back to the bench again for Matt Ryan. Taking his place as Indianapolis Colts starting quarterback: Nick Foles.

“Obviously not the season he (Ryan) expected, nor the Colts as a whole, and so, I feel bad for Matt,” says Jeff Saturday, interim head coach for the Colts. Saturday says the offense is not making enough explosive plays and converting yards into points in the red zone, so he’s going with Nick Foles, whom he believes gives Indianapolis the best chance to win in the last three games of the regular season.

However, Saturday made it clear that changes can and will happen, based on the Colts needs, “hopefully he (Foles) plays well enough that it leaves no doubt (as to who starts at quarterback). That’s the intent.”

When it comes to Matt Ryan, whose being benched for the second time this season, Saturday says he’s not happy but he’s handling the move with grace, “his leadership since I’ve been here has been second to none, his demand on others and asks things of himself and it’s unfortunate when you’re not playing to the level that you want to play to.”

The Colts are on a four-game losing streak, sitting at 4-9-1 on the season. Indianapolis blew a 33-0 lead over the Minnesota Vikings this past Saturday, allowing Vikings to win in overtime 39-36, the largest comeback win in NFL history. Indianapolis plays the Los Angeles Charges next on December 26th for Monday Night Football.

“From an internal perspective, I hope every guy pushes themselves each and every day. There’s no back down of whoever is playing whatever position, you have to do your job,” says Saturday.