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A Los Angeles jury found former Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of rape on Monday.

During the trial which lasted weeks, eight women testified that Weinstein either raped or sexually assaulted them – four alleged that these incidents occurred between 2004 and 2013, the other four women’s claims did not result in formal charges. Prosecutors called 44 witnesses to the stand. Weinstein, who pleaded not guilty to all seven charges, didn’t testify.

“Harvey Weinstein forever destroyed a part of me that night in 2013 and I will never get that back. The criminal trial was brutal and Weinstein’s lawyers put me through hell on the witness stand, but I knew I had to see this through to the end, and I did,” one of the accusers said in a statement after the verdict, per The Associated Press. “I hope Weinstein never sees the outside of a prison cell during his lifetime.”

Weinstein faces up to 18 years in prison right now. At a hearing on Tuesday, however, prosecutors will argue to jurors that they should find aggravating factors were at play in the crimes. If the panel does so, Weinstein could be sentenced to up to 24 years behind bars.