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Mugshot of Kristen Wolf

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman will spend the next 100 years behind bars for a 2020 double murder.

On May 11th, 2020, Kristen Wolf, clad in black and wearing a black hat with her last name stitched onto it, “aggressively” knocked at the front door of a home on Portsmouth Avenue on the west side of Indianapolis. As soon as Victoria Cook answered the door, Wolf was on top of her in seconds, stabbing her over and over.

Dylan Dickover and another person in the home ran downstairs to try and stop Wolf’s attack, but she slashed both with the knife, before getting off of Cook and running off. Cook was declared dead at the scene and Dickover later died at the hospital. The third person survived the attack.

Wolf left behind her blood-stained, black hat with her last name stitched onto it. That hat was from Wolf’s job at the Madison, Indiana corrections facility.

Indianapolis Metro Police, along with the Madison Police Department, searched Wolf’s home and found several “combat-style” knives and uniforms with the same patch that was found on her hat. Wolf also had several cleaning products used to clean the inside of her car, say police.

Wolf pled guilty to two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and attempted battery by means of a deadly weapon. From Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears: “Pursuant to the plea agreement filed in this case, Wolf will serve 100 years in the Indiana Department of Correction.”

It’s unclear why Wolf showed up to the home that day and committed the brutal and bloody murders.