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American multinational technology company, Apple logo seen

It has been reported that Apple is looking to accelerate their plans to move iPhone production out of China, with suppliers in other Asian countries being told to prepare for greater involvement in production.

These plans come after the recent protests at Apple Inc’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China over strict COVID rules and unpaid dues. More than 20,000 employees reportedly left the plant after the violent protests broke out.

More than 90 percent of Apple products, such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBook laptops are manufactured in China.

Wedbush analysts predicted that 50 percent of iPhone production could take place in India and Vietnam by 2025 if Apple moves “aggressively,” but this would mark a huge effort given that most of the production currently comes out of China.

Apple had previously looked into giving bonuses to encourage employees to come back to work, with a lack of Foxconn production alone threatening a 5 percent loss of iPhone sales.