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INDIANAPOLIS — IndyGo closed several city streets a few years ago to build the Red Line rapid bus transit system. Now they say they are going to have to do some of that again as they “enhance” some of the bus stations along the route.

The entire Red Line bus lane on Capitol Avenue is closed as contractors remove cracked concrete and repair damaged asphalt caused by Red Line buses. IndyGo says the surface of Red Line stations has been deteriorating quicker than expected because of the weight of the electric buses.

The busses are much heavier than a standard diesel-powered IndyGo bus.

“There was a consensus between IndyGo and DPW when the Red Line was designed and built that the concrete work conducted around the pads and dedicated bus lanes was sufficient at the time,” IndyGo said in a statement. “Now, we have an opportunity to enhance the stations, the pavement, and concrete pads in step with our ongoing maintenance for the line.”

Indianapolis Department of Public Works says IndyGo is responsible for the paving and upkeep of the rapid bus lanes and bus stations.

The “enhancements” are leaving many Indy residents upset that IndyGo didn’t know to take into account the weight of the busses when building the stations initially. One resident told WISH-TV that it looked like “IndyGo was wasting taxpayer money.”

IndyGo says as they build the Blue line and Purple line stations they will be taking into account the excess weight of the busses as they build them.