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CINCINNATI— While former Vice President and Indiana Governor Mike Pence was the talk of the third public hearing of the January 6th committee investigating last year’s attack on the Capitol Thursday, he was in Cincinnati for a roundtable with members of Ohio’s oil and gas industry. He said President Biden’s energy and economic policies are holding the country back.

“He’s been telling oil companies to produce more oil. In fact, it was his press secretary who said it is their patriotic duty to produce more oil. Well I would say to President Joe Biden, ‘It is your patriotic duty to unleash American energy and put our nation back on a pathway to energy independence,” said Pence in a nondescript boardroom at the Enerfab manufacturing plant in Cincinnati’s Spring Grove Village neighborhood.

In a brief speech before the roundtable began, Pence focused on energy independence and blamed the Biden administration for high gas prices.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was also at the roundtable.

Pence did not discuss the Capitol Riot on January 6.

Back in April, Pence said that he was considering a run for President in 2024.