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Former WIBC host and lawyer Greg Garrison says the choice to run for Hamilton County prosecutor wasn’t his idea initially. The decision was made at the request of friends and associates who are concerned about the future of their community.

“I was approached by law enforcement folks, judiciary friends, and family who recognize the challenges that Hamilton County now faces,” Garrison told WIBC host Rob Kendall in an interview.

Those challenges, says Garrison, are the result of Hamilton County’s explosion in the growth of its population. It’s unquestionably yielded economic benefit to the area, but it’s also brought crime. Garrison says he’s witnessed it first-hand in the 35 years he’s been a Hamilton County resident.

“When you have that kind of growth, you’re inevitably going to have an increase in crime,” says Garrison. “And you can’t just wait for that stuff to happen and then hope you’re going to get a handle on it; you have to get ahead of it.”

If elected, Garrison says will make it clear to would-be criminals that Hamilton County does not tolerate lawlessness.

“It needs to be well known in the criminal underworld that [Hamilton County] is the last place you want to commit a felony.”

Garrison gained national media attention in 1992 for successfully prosecuting Mike Tyson for rape in Indianapolis. He also enjoyed a 20-year run on WIBC and Network Indiana as a talk show host

Click below to hear Rob Kendall’s full interview with candidate for Hamilton County Prosecutor, Greg Garrison.