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ELKHART, Ind.–The man accused of killing two Papa John’s employees in Elkhart Saturday night admitted that he not only shot the couple, but also tried to rape the woman after she was dead and robbed the bodies.

Jose Benitez-Tilley, 19, of Elkhart, was a former employee of the restaurant, according to court documents.

He admitted to shooting Dustin Carr, 37; and Haley Smith, 22, who were engaged.

His van could be seen on video at the restaurant.

Benitez-Tilley tried to get rid of the bodies, but was unable to and had to leave them behind the Papa John’s, which is where they were found the next day.

He also told police that after both had been shot and were dead that he robbed the bodies, stole Smith’s purse and jewelry from Carr’s body. He also said he took cash from the restaurant.

Benitez-Tilley is charged with murder, robbery and abuse of a corpse.