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America has been shaken to its very core with the question of whether or not Joseph R. Biden, whose current approval rating with the public is just below Rapper Travis Scott, dropped a load in his shorts while visiting the Vatican last week.

Liberal fact-checking website ‘Snopes’ put their best detectives on the case. They threw the entirety of their financial resources into their exhaustive quest for truth. And finally, they had one of their unpaid interns do the ‘Snopes’ thing: protect #PresidentPoopyPants at all costs!

The results of their investigation were published in an inspiring post entitled “Did Biden Poop His Pants in Rome?” 

According to Snopes, “There’s no evidence that this claim and the social media trend that sprang from it were based on anything other than idle gossip.”

This revelation is deeply distressing and we question its authenticity. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately launch a full Congressional investigation into the matter.

We demand witnesses testify under oath about the President’s bowel habits. We demand the President release all records from his Gastroenterologist. We demand a forensic analysis of Biden’s underpants to check for evidence of skid marks.

As for ‘Snopes,’ they are currently investigating the Duchess of Cornwall’s claims that Biden released a long, juicy, eardrum-shattering fart while in her presence.

We promise to keep you informed of further developments in this important story.

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