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By now you’ve heard that the city-county council overridden Governor Holcomb’s veto of a bill that would require any local health decisions go through the state.

However, there were two other decisions that are being overlooked by Hoosiers.

One, the council has banned smoking in Indy Parks. The press release regarding Monday’s vote says this proposal amends local code to expand non-smoking areas to include public parks owned or leased by the city or county. Those found smoking in an Indy Park could receive a ticket up $100.

Two, they plan on taking $100,000 of the Office of Public Health and Safety fund to establish an Immigrant Defense Fund. Proposal 134 states tax-payers’ money will provide legal information, consultations, representations, and more to residents who are pursing citizenship or at risk of deportation.

This is what the leaders of our city focus on. Tony Katz says the state’s Democratic leaders have one thing in mind and that’s not Hoosiers.

“Let’s be clear, the Democratic Party of Indianapolis, is beyond radical, they are ridiculous…They don’t care about the city. They care about being ‘woke.’ They care about looking good. They don’t care about the growth, they don’t care about safety, they don’t care about decency.”