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INDIANAPOLIS — Say goodbye to Indianapolis Power & Light Company and hello to AES Indiana.

The power company announced Wednesday it was changing its name and brand identity.

“Today, we are changing our name to better reflect the global resources, expertise, innovation, and technology that we’re able to bring our customers,” AES Indiana said on Twitter.

AES, a Fortune 500 global energy company, acquired IPL in 2001.

“At AES Indiana, we are focused on modernizing our electric system to maintain the reliability our customers have come to expect while strategically transitioning to new cleaner solutions to meet future energy needs,” said Kristina Lund, President and CEO, AES Indiana. “Our customers will not have to choose between reliability, affordability and sustainability. We are leveraging our global and local resources and expertise to ensure they can have all three.”

“We are making it easier than ever for organizations to achieve their sustainability objectives and build competitive advantages within their industries,” said Lisa Krueger, President, AES United States. “As our energy needs evolve, we are partnering with our customers in new ways to transform and accelerate the clean energy future they deserve and need.”

Customers who wish to check out the new website or log in to their account can visit