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Stop the press. A democrat has given former VP Mike Pence some big compliments. This must mean unity is here, we are finally healing as a nation! Hazzah! Oh what’s that? It’s actually just another ploy to help their own agenda? Yeah, that seems about right.

House manager Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California) took to the floor during Wednesday’s impeachment trial. He stated Trump had run out of any “non-violent options” after Pence declined to contest the election results.

Lieu, who never has a good thing to say about anyone, then compliments Pence on how he “stood strong and certified the election.” Right away you know there’s more to this ‘compliment’ or as Tony calls it a straight lie.

“These words are lies. And I put forth to you that Rep Ted Lie has lied, he doesn’t actually believe what he’s saying. He is utilizing this solely, exclusively, purposely to try and curry favor. To try and further paint the picture of former President Donald Trump.” 

A politician using others for their own gain? That’s new! Needless to say, we hope Pence doesn’t take those compliments to heart.