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2021 is off to a rough start for floundering ‘news’ network CNN.

CNN reporter Rosa Flores went viral Monday night after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called her out for asking a ‘loaded question’ about the rollout of the Coronavirus vaccine in the sunshine state.

“Governor, what has gone wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we’ve seen phone lines jammed, websites crashing,” asked Flores.

There is “a lot of demand,” DeSantis interjected.

“Excuse me, excuse me, you just said, ‘What has gone wrong?’ so I’m answering the question,” DeSantis said as Flores continued to speak over him.

“If I could complete the question, though,” Flores said.

“So you’re going to give a speech, or are you going to ask a question?” DeSantis fired back. “You asked a question and I’m going to answer it.”

Flores made another attempt to gain control of the exchange, but DeSantis continued to push back.

“How many questions? You get three? They only got one question,” he said, pointing to other reporters. “Why do you get three?”

“With all due respect, governor, I’m just asking if I could finish my question,” Flores said.

“You finished the question,” DeSantis said, as a frustrated Flores fired back, “I did not.”

The CNN reporter then repeated her original question.

“What went wrong with the rollout of the vaccine, when we’ve seen phone lines jammed, websites crashing,” Flores said as DeSantis interjected, “So you’re repeating your question.”

“To complete it for you, governor, we’ve seen websites crash, and also, senior citizens waiting overnight for the vaccine,” Flores said.

DeSantis scolded Flores for not researching her question, pointing out that the coronavirus vaccine was distributed to hospitals and the hospitals decide how to dispense it.

“So the state is not dictating to hospitals… that would be a total disaster,” DeSantis said.

See the exchange:

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