VERMILLION COUNTY, Ind.–A police officer accidentally fired his gun at South Vermillion High School Thursday morning and a student was injured. At approximately 9:35 a.m., Deputy Tim DisPennett, a nineteen-year veteran of the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Department, was instructing a law enforcement class at South Vermillion High School. The classroom instruction was based on law […]

SHIPSHEWANA, Ind.–A man from Florida was killed in a crash that happened in LaGrange County Sunday night. State police say Kubanychbek Abdyrakhmanov, 41, of Coral Springs, Florida, hit a deer in the left lane on I-90 (the Indiana Toll Road) with his Lexus 460 passenger car. He got out to take a look at the […]

NOBLESVILLE, Ind.–The store, My Inner Baby, closed in Noblesville August 10. A judge heard arguments Thursday over whether it can reopen. Noblesville city leaders say the store violated its zoning ordinance. The Noblesville Board of Zoning Appeals said the store violated its “light industrial” zoning status by selling sex toys. When it was open, it […]

INDIANAPOLIS–Downed power lines caused a closure of Interstate 70 in both directions near Rural Street and Keystone Avenue east of downtown Indianapolis Thursday morning. “An excavator was working in a construction zone and struck some power lines and knocked them down across the entire interstate. Certainly, it wasn’t on purpose. He had the boom up […]

PLAINFIELD, Ind.–A 4-year-old child who was missing in Plainfield was located Friday evening. Joseph Aldridge, assistant chief of the Plainfield Fire Dept. said her body was found in a pond not far from where she went missing. Police say her name is Fiedwenya Fiefe. She was 3 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 35 lbs.  […]

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A lovers quarrel in Evansville lands a woman in jail. Police say Ashley Stembridge had called her ex Saturday, drunk, saying that she had crashed her car. When he got to where she was, she rammed her car into his several times. Then the two confronted each other and she punched him […]

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — The owners of an adult baby store in Noblesville say they are a medical supply store. The city says they are a sex shop. The store is now under the microscope for possible violations of zoning guidelines. The store is called My Inner Baby. It’s a store that sells adult baby supplies. […]

Attention all Homosapiens above the age of five: QUIT PUTTING THINGS IN YOUR RECTUM, EARDRUM, NASAL CAVITY, AND OTHER ASSORTED ORIFICES! JUST STOP IT! Look, I acknowledge that it’s the year 2022 and we’ve declared ourselves the most enlightened and progressive generation in the history of mankind. “Your Body, Your Choice” and such (vaccines excluded), […]

ESMERELDA COUNTY, Nev.–A married couple from Indianapolis who had been missing for more than a week was found in Nevada on Tuesday. Ronnie and Beverly Barker had taken their recreational vehicle on a cross-country road trip. They were supposed to meet up with friends in Tuscon, Arizona, but they never arrived. “We had a cousin […]

STATEWIDE–Indiana State Police says their Twitter account was hacked Saturday afternoon. The tweet appeared on Saturday, with a link to a Wall Street Journal Article about Sean Penn and the Oscars. The tweet said ‘I don’t like that that was poo poo head I don’t like that.’ State Police deleted the tweet and later said […]