INDIANAPOLIS — Certain harmful bacteria found in the mouth could be tied to serious illnesses, namely cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. WISH TV reports that a new study ties some mouth bacteria to lethal infections, and these bacteria are not always found during routine dental exams.  A buildup of the bacteria could connect […]

NATIONAL — Irene Cara, a singer and actress known for her role in “Fame” as well as her hit recordings of the title tracks for “Fame” and “Flashdance,” has died at the age of 63. Cara won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Flashdance…What a Feeling.”  Throughout her career, she received other accolades, […]

CARMEL — You might see some familiar faces in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Carmel High School’s Marching Greyhounds are one of the bands that will be performing in Thursday’s parade.  Festivities will start at 8:45 a.m. in New York City. Chris Kreke, Associate Band Director at Carmel High School, told WIBC’s Terri Stacy […]

CHESAPEAKE, Virginia.–At least six people are dead in a mass shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia. Police believe the shooter is also dead. The shooting happened just after 10 p.m. The store closes at 11. “So we go inside and long story short, we are able to find multiple fatalities and multiple injured parties,” […]

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–A 22-year-old man is in custody, in the hospital in Colorado Springs. Police say he shot and killed five people at Club Q, an LGBTQ club, and injured 18 more Saturday night. The motive for the mass shooting was unclear Sunday morning. Police identified the man as Anderson Lee Aldrich. Police were looking […]

WASHINGTON--After more than 20 years as the face of House Democrat, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced Thursday that she will abdicate the role, and will not seek election as minority leader in January. Republicans take control of the House then after winning a narrow majority in elections last week. The number 2 Democrat, who some […]

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA has successfully launched its Artemis One moon rocket following a number of delays. The overnight launch from Kennedy Space Center marks the first step in returning Americans to the moon and eventually onto Mars. It’s an un-crewed, weeks-long mission that will circle the moon and come back. Later down the […]

PALM BEACH, Fla.--Former Pres. Donald Trump has filed paperwork to run for a third term as president of the United States. Trump made the announcement Tuesday night from his home in Florida. Trump is seeking another term as support for him seems to be diminishing within the Republican Party. His announcement comes one day after […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Fall and winter in Indiana are prime flu seasons, so Hoosier doctors have some advice on how to stay safe. Dr. Blocher-Smith with IU Health is encouraging everyone over six months to get the flu vaccine, unless you have a specific condition that would make the vaccine inadvisable.  He says this year’s shot […]

WASHINGTON — An emergency bid to block President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan has been stopped in it’s tracks by a former Indiana law professor. United States Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, formerly of South Bend and former Notre Dame law professor, rejected an appeal from the Wisconsin taxpayers group “Brown County Taxpayers […]