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STATEWIDE — One popular grocery store chain has removed a certain fresh herb from its shelves in 29 states, including Indiana, after multiple people contracted salmonella.

The Mayo Clinic describes salmonella as a bacterial infection that affects the intestines, often causing “diarrhea, fever and…cramps.” While not common, it can lead to more serious complications.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes a certain brand of basil sold at Trader Joe’s stores may be linked to a recent salmonella outbreak.

The CDC says Infinite Herbs basil has left at least 12 people sick nationwide, with one hospitalized, though no cases have yet been reported in the Hoosier state. So, if you recently purchased the organic product, you are encouraged to throw it away or return it for a refund.

Infinite Herbs has recalled some packages of the item sold between February 1st and April 6th. Learn more here.

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Trader Joe’s Locations in Indiana:

  • Trader Joe’s Indianapolis – Castleton

    5473 East 82nd Street

  • Trader Joe’s Indianapolis – West 86th

    2902 West 86th Street

  • Trader Joe’s Fort Wayne

    4110 West Jefferson Boulevard

  • Trader Joe’s South Bend

    1140 East Howard

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