Turn up the sound to find out why this short clip of a dude jumping hills in a park on a bike is trending:  

(PHOTO: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)  The Hammer and Nigel show got their hands on the arrest report from Stormy Daniels. She was arrested after motorboating a guy at a strip club in Ohio. Hammer and Nigel couldn’t get through it without laughing, so they brought it the wonderful Terri Stacy to help out.

Photo Credit- Scott Olson/Getty Images The situation keeps getting worse for Attorney General Curtis Hill. Another woman has come forward and identified herself as one of the women that Curtis Hill inappropriately touched. Rob Kendall joins Hammer and Nigel to discuss how this situation is going to unfold. Rob says that Governor Holcomb has already […]

Shayne Holland, while sitting at his apartment pool, was asked by an off duty officer if he lived there. He said yes and provided his key card that allowed him to get into the pool. The officer then contacted the apartment office to further confirm Holland’s residency. That is when Holland started using his cell phone […]

We at the Hammer and Nigel Show love getting feedback from listeners. Most of the time, the messages we get are complimentary. This time, however, we got a message from John on the Hammer and Nigel Facebook page. John writes, “You should be ashamed for suggesting abortion may be ok if there was a test […]

Photo Credit-Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Brett Kavanaugh was announced last night as Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. The immediate reaction varied depending on whether you are conservative or liberal. Dr. Laura Wilson joins Hammer and Nigel to discuss how each side of the political aisle is viewing the nominee. “This […]

Photo Credit- Tasos Katopodis/ Getty Images Politico reporting Judges Thomas Hardiman and Brett Kavanaugh have emerged as the final 2 contenders for the Supreme Court as President Donald Trump edges closer to his primetime announcement according to a Republican who spoke to the president in the past 24 hours and a Trump adviser. Things get a […]

Photo Credit- RTV6   Curtis Hill spoke today. Didn’t take any questions, but spoke for about 7 minutes to address the sexual harassment accusations. He talked about the lack of fairness in this whole situation. He addressed the IndyStar press leak. He addressed his displeasure at Governor Holcomb for not reaching out to him first He […]

Four women have accused Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill of inappropriately touching them at a bar according to a report from the IndyStar. Hammer and Nigel bring Rob Kendall into the studio to get his thoughts on this. Rob is a former elected official and has some insight on how someone in that position is […]

Photo Credit- Michael Tullberg/Getty Images The number of IMPD officers quitting their jobs has reached alarming levels, according to the union president Rick Snyder. Rick joins Hammer and Nigel to break down the reasons why Indy is losing so many police officers. “The city projected us to lose 66 officers this year. Right now, it’s […]