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Did you ever see a horror movie as a child that was so terrifying it screwed you up as an adult? WIBC’s Nigel of the Hammer and Nigel Show did: Stephen King’s “Maximum Overdrive” starring Emilio Estevez. 


“It was the first time as a little boy that I saw other little boys being killed and mutilated on screen. Remember the scene where a steamroller came plowing through a little league field just crushing kids left and right?”


“See I was never bothered by that stuff. I was the type of nerd who was always trying to figure out how they did that stuff.”


“No, there were plenty of films growing up that disturbed me. There was one with Barbara Hershey where this kid is being sexually molested by a demon – that one still sticks with me as well.”

*Editor’s Note: Hammer is inhuman. 

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