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(Historical Archive/Getty Images)

Once again, we’ve failed to get through the annual celebration of the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. incident-free.

Yes, another reporter’s head is on the chopping block – this time in St. Louis – after he mispronounced the civil rights icon’s name by mistake and uttering a racial slur on the air. 

Why in the heck does this keep happening? Seriously, this is like the third or fourth time a newscaster has screwed up Martin Luther King, Jr.’s name and destroyed his career in the process. Just last week, a reporter in Rochester, NY lost his job for doing it, and in 2005, a weatherman in Las Vegas got booted for the SAME thing!

Come on, gang! Just play it safe and say “MLK Jr.” FOR CRAP’S SAKE!

In the meantime, those of you who have not self-terminated your employment via the old ‘racial slur’ ploy, click the link below to enjoy audio of the reporters who DID via this handsome segment from the Hammer and Nigel show: