Title 42 ended on Thursday, and there has been a lot of anticipation as to what would happen to the border after it ended. The situation is much tamer than people were expecting. Before Thursday there were 22,000 migrants awaiting processing. A large part of that is because of Texas Governor Greg Abbot. He ordered […]

Iowa was supposed to be a battleground between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump jousting for position in the upcoming primaries. Both Florida governor DeSantis and former President Trump, were scheduled to have speak in Iowa. Weather was an issue though. One of the candidates made a pivot to still have their event, while the other […]

The Indianapolis Colts had their schedule released on Thursday night. The preseason is set to begin on Saturday, August 12th. The regular season will start on September 10th. They will open their season at home when they host divisional rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their season opens with several divisional games early. Four of their first […]

Title 42 is officially done with, and the border has been hit with an all-out blitz. The only defense the United States has is Title 8. Title 8 is all of the traditional border laws. It allows the government to impose steep penalties on migrants who cross the border illegally, including a minimum five-year ban […]

Title 42 is set to expire this evening and migrants are lined up at the border waiting to claim asylum and be let into the country. President Joe Biden himself acknowledged the border, which he never does saying the border is “going to be chaotic for a while.” He should have seen this coming. Former […]

The FBI is refusing to share an unclassified document with the GOP that contains the information the whistleblower released to the FBI. In the document the whistleblower allegedly describes a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national and relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions. In normal people terms, […]

The Georgia Bulldogs are your 2023 college football national champions, and they just declined an invitation to the White House. It is normal for both college and professional teams to be invited to the White House after winning a championship. Both UConn’s men’s basketball team and LSU women’s basketball team will be attending the White […]

The Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a bill that raised the debt ceiling, and they are waiting on the Senate to act. The bill also reduces spending based on what President Joe Biden wants. Republicans are working towards a solution, while Democrats sit and point fingers at the “MAGA Republicans” who, according to […]

Bud Light is now upsetting the left. They have already upset their main customers, now the audience they were targeting are upset with them too. A few gay bars in Chicago have decided to stop selling Anheuser-Busch products. Let us go back to the start of the Bud Light drama. It all started when they […]

The Indianapolis City County Council continues to be bad at their jobs. They continue to pay attention to all the wrong issues. Proposal number 136 was officially adopted by the Indianapolis City County Council on Monday. It is a special resolution recognizing the attacks on young LGBTQIA+ Hoosiers and reaffirming the City of Indianapolis’ commitment […]