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Former President Donald Trump did a town hall with Fox host Sean Hannity Tuesday night where he was asked if he would use his presidential power if he was elected.

The former president responded saying that he would only be a dictator on “day one” to implement some of his policies but would not abuse his power in the White House.

During the town hall, Hannity asked Trump: “Under no circumstances, you are promising America tonight, you would never abuse power as retribution against anybody?”

“Except for day one,” Trump said. “I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill,” he added in reference to his vow to expand oil drilling in the U.S.

When Hannity responds, with “that’s not retribution,” Trump adds: “I love this guy, he says, ‘you’re not going to be a dictator are you?’ I said no, no, no, other than day one. We’re closing the border and we’re drilling, drilling, drilling. After that, I’m not a dictator.”

All of the left leaning media outlets jumped on this comment like a football team trying to recover a fumble. Trump was clearly making a joke, but the Democrats do not care. They will do anything to keep Trump from winning and that includes lying to the American people.

Responding to the former president’s comments, Biden’s 2024 campaign team said in a statement: “Donald Trump has been telling us exactly what he will do if he’s reelected and tonight, he said he will be a dictator on day one. Americans should believe him.”

The rapid response team for the Democratic Party also shared a clip of Trump promising he would be a dictator “on day one” on X, formerly Twitter, along with the caption “and there you have it.”

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