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Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem graciously put arrogant ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos in his place Sunday as she listed off the numerous instances of voter fraud that occurred in the presidential election – claims that Democrat don’t want to investigate and are attempting to discredit.

Golly. We wonder why that is?

“This is all premature,” said Noem when asked if she was prepared to work with Joe Biden. “This is a premature conversation because we have not finished counting votes.”

“Election Day needs to be fair, honest and transparent, and we need to be sure that we had an honest election before we decide who gets to be in the White House the next four years,” said added.

Biden has opened up a lead of 76 electoral votes over Trump including Arizona, with margins in some contested states in the tens of thousands of votes.

“That’s what I think is interesting, is this declaration from some individuals saying it was an overwhelming victory for Joe Biden. It simply wasn’t,” claimed Noem, who during the Republican National Convention drew similarities between the challenges faced by Trump and President Lincoln. “You have so any of these states that are still in play. All I’m asking for, George, is that we don’t break this country.

“When you break the process on which we elect our leaders, you will break America forever,” she said.

Mock and Rob have more audio of Noem’s appearance in the clip below.