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Please Note: The image above is completely unrelated to this article. We just found it amusing and didn’t want to take heat for posting “ugly baby” photos. 

Are you the unfortunate recipient of an alarmingly unattractive baby from God? If so, you’re not alone.

Each year, millions of Americans in hospital delivery rooms across the nation are handed visually-displeasing bundles of joy.

From the moderately unsightly to the grossly reprehensible, all parents-to-be are at risk, say experts.

But take heart, owners of babies with heinous faces. Studies show that most ugly babies will outgrow their hideous post-birth features within the first 90 days.

Further, many who don’t can still go on to lead happy, productive, and successful lives. In fact, some even marry equally-unattractive spouses and produce visually-stunning babies!

The point is that becoming the reluctant owner of an ugly baby does not have to destroy your entire life. Yes, it will ruin your future family photos, but Photoshop experts can work miracles for a fair price.

What you are NOT entitled to do, regardless of personal affections that might develop for your appallingly unpleasant-looking infant, is fire an automatic weapon into the home of someone who states the obvious: that your baby’s face is so disturbing it makes nightmares look like birthday parties.

For example, an argument between two couples in Detroit this week took a violent turn when an angry couple fired 16 shots into the house of the people who called their baby “ugly.”

WIBC’s Jason Hammer and Rob Kendall elaborate on the details of the matter and explain why shooters’ actions are socially-inappropriate in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”