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Friends, countrymen, gaming enthusiasts across this diverse and wondrous planet: don’t set your crotch on fire.

It is unwise. It is unsafe. And it leaves a most pungent and unpleasing odor in its wake that is not easily masked no matter how many pine-scented automotive air fresheners you discretely slip into your Jockeys.

This important medical tip is brought to you by the Hammer and Nigel Radio Program, reminding you that genitals are for gladness, not sadness.

Sadly, the Hammer and Nigel radio program is not available in the great country of South Korea, where Shin Tae Il, the “angry Korean gamer,” willingly set his crotch on fire as a penalty for losing a “Fall Guys” game at the suggestion of his viewers.

Shin Tae Il, while not incredibly bright, IS a man of his word.


Shin Tae Il suffered second-degree burns and loss of dignity, but at least his integrity is intact!

Hammer and Nigel offer an important medical commentary for the youth of America in the clip below.