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A new study from took on the task of ranking the drivers in all 50 states from best to worst based on four questionable metrics:

  1. How many people have insurance (Sorry, California, you lose)
  2. How many DUI arrests were in each state per 1,000 drivers.
  3. The number of traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven.
  4. How often residents Google terms like “traffic ticket” or “speeding ticket.”

The states with the best drivers, according to, are Massachusetts and Utah.

The states with the worst drivers are Mississippi and Nevada.

So where did Indiana rank? Number 30.

Here’s How We Know This Survey is Bullcrap:

  1. None of the metrics utilized to determine the best and worst drivers have ANYTHING whatsoever to do with competence behind the wheel.
  2. See above.
  3. Did we mention to reference #1?

Here’s How to Properly Measure The Best and Worst Drivers in Each State:

  1. How many drivers have completed some form of driver education course?
  2. How many drivers are operating a vehicle in which the bumpers and side mirrors are attached with duct tape?
  3. How many illegal immigrants were granted drivers licenses in that state and how many illegal immigrants are estimated to be operating vehicles on that particular state’s roadways.
  4. Is the city of Los Angeles located in the state?
  5. Is Chicago located in the state?
  6. How many BMWs and Porsches are registered in that particular state?
  7. Is Carmel, Indiana Mayor Jim Brainard permitted to drive in that state?
  8. How many a-holes in that state per a respondent survey believe it is perfectly acceptable to drive 55mph in the far left lane?
  9. How many a-holes are busted for texting and driving each year?
  10. How many ANTIFA protestors are hit by moving vehicles each year (Please Note: Metric may indicate competency and accuracy behind wheel)

Additional Consideration: Certain allotments for driver inefficiencies may be permitted in areas in which Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett is responsible for road maintenance.

WIBC hosts and fully-insured drivers Jason Hammer and Fake Nigel discuss’s survey in the clip below. Click to savor and enjoy.

Photo: simonapilolla/Getty Images