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American treasure Joy Behar is working overtime to keep America safe from germs!

The courageous soldier of COVID enforcement and mindless drivel on daytime television revealed Tuesday that she regularly spends time searching for selfish people who are walking around without masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

While mask requirements vary by state, the federal government has not mandated that citizens wear facial coverings in public  – primarily because the CDC can’t make up their minds whether or not masks are an effective means of preventing infection.

But Joy Behar is more than just a self-appointed commander in the “Gestapo of Germs,” she’s an outspoken civil rights activist!

Together with fellow thinker of thoughts Whoopi Goldberg, Behar is working overtime to rid the English language of various colloquialisms that have held minorities back from achieving all that they can in this oppressive nation.

Goldberg courageously suggested on Wednesday’s edition of “The View” that Americans stop calling Broadway the “Great White Way” and instead call it the “great bright way.”

Fun Fact: The “Great White Way” moniker refers to the lights on Broadway -specifically when electric lights were installed in 1880.

“I like that, Whoopi,” Behar clucked, “and you know, it’s interesting that a lot of the English language has to be rethought – blackmailing is negative, black sheep, negative … those words are kind of like embedded in our psyches and maybe need to be changed.

“Why is a black sheep a bad thing and a white sheep is a good thing? Why? They’re just sheep.”

My golly, Behar’s head must of hurt after the show from all that big thinking. Get this woman a statue for her service to America – a BIG one!