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PORTER, Ind. — Indiana Dunes beaches were packed with people this holiday weekend.

On Sunday, thousands lined the Indiana Dunes beaches by noon.

Chris Tsampis says he and his brother left the Porter Beach because it was just too crowded. “We came on motorcycles, and it was backed up 4-5 miles so we ended up just leaving and going to Michigan City for a bite to eat.”

In the parking lots, most of the license plates were from Illinois.

John Aierre Anderson, a supervisory ranger of the Indiana Dunes National Park, said his team expected the rush but that managing those large crowds during the coronavirus pandemic was overwhelming. “Oh, my, definitely thousands of people. Our big concern was that they just were not social distancing at all.”

Anderson and his team did their best to remind people of the social distancing guidelines while on the beach that stretches 15 miles across the Dunes state and national parks.

Rangers say dozens of cars were parked illegally because the spots were full. Parking lots were filled by 9 a.m. Sunday and crowds just as big was expected Monday.