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JASPER, Ind. — A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work, said Indiana Sen. Mike Braun.

The Republican senator who is back home in his home city of Jasper in Dubois County for the Memorial Day holiday spoke with Fox News and said Indiana is an example of how a state should be reopening in the United States.

“I think it’s emblematic of what’s happening across the country,” Braun said. “Coney Island obviously is going to be different from main street America, Indiana.”

He said implementing the same reopening guidelines across all parts of the country at once is not a good idea and that the differences between Jasper and Indianapolis are a good example of that.

Braun spoke on Indiana being in Phase Three of reopening guidelines right now, which allow looser restrictions on large gatherings and what types of businesses can and cannot be open. He said it’s an example of allowing individuals and businesses to reopen while also still making sure they are mindful of the pandemic depending on which part of the state you are in.

In Dubois County restaurants can offer dine-in seating inside at limited capacity and most businesses have reopened in some capacity as well. In Indianapolis, restaurants can only offer dine-in seating outside and gyms, and hair salons are still ordered to stay closed.

“We are in place as most of Indiana,” Braun said of his hometown from the dining room of the Schnitzelbank a popular restaurant in Jasper. “That is what is kind of reflective here. The price of gas is coming back, but everyone is paying attention to the rules.”

“I went out to eat at two other places Friday and Saturday, my wife and I did. Spacing, you know doing things differently because they don’t want to put their customers or employees in peril.”

Dubois County recently has a small outbreak of the virus connected to a turkey processing plant in Huntingburg. Marion, Cass, and Lake Counties are still on a separate time table of the process because those are the three big hotspots for the virus in Indiana. Monroe County is also following its own reopening guidelines.