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A government-mandated shut-in across the country has led to a massive spike in business for Ashley Madison, a “wrecking marriages and destroying lives made easy” website for cheating spouses.

According to company officials, people who are stuck at home with their spouses during the coronavirus pandemic have increasingly found themselves able to identify with the “Jack Torrance” character from “The Shining.” As a result, many are actively seeking to wreck their marriages by engaging in cyber affairs.

“We’ve spoken to members, and they’re saying they’re using the site as a release valve for the tension that’s built up at home during the pandemic,” Paul Keable, the chief strategy officer of Ashley Madison, said in an interview with Venture Beat. “They’re looking to have needs met that aren’t being met at home.”

The company has been actively posting tweets and sharing blog posts boasting tips for a successful romance (with someone other than your spouse, of course).

Keable, also told Venture Beat in late March the company was reaping tremendous profits from couples realizing how much they hate each other after being locked up at home together.

The company with the branding slogan, “Life is short. Have an affair,” has seen a total of 17,000 new members PER DAY during COVID-19 pandemic, a substantial increase over the 15,500 daily customer additions in 2019.

“We often hear from our members that they love their spouses, they love their families and the situation they’re in, but there’s something missing,” Keable told InStyle. “We’re traditionally told to either suck it up and live without the thing that you want or get a divorce and give up everything you want in search of just one thing. We’re creating a third path for people.”

“Now with self-isolation a major factor in our lives, virtual affairs are being utilized to fill the gap,” Keable said.

“Often it’s a physical component, from an intimacy standpoint. By seeking an affair discreetly, they’re able to maintain all the aspects of life that they value and enjoy,” he added.

And before you ladies start shaming men, it’s the WOMEN who are leading the charge on the cyber affairs front. In its most recent study, the site found 30 percent of its female users are having cyber sex with their affair partners and 14 percent of its male users were having virtual sex with their affair partners.

Floozies, they are! Not the Chicks on the Right, however.

Photo: Noam Galai / Staff / Getty Images