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I’m crazy about “Mascots”!  I’ve loved ’em since I was a kid.  So when I heard that the Colts Mascot Hall of Famer Blue was given permission to talk to us about his new video series…I was thrilled!

Trey Mock is the guy behind BLUE, that entertains us during Colts games, but he also makes 170 appearances at Indiana elementary schools during the school year.  When that  schedule was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he & his wife decided he needed to do something to continue to educate and entertain.  That’s how “HOUSE OF BLUE” was born.   “It’s our job to entertain, inspire and unite, especially during challenging times like these,” said Trey.

The series, which started last week is hosted by Blue and his wife, Alison Mock, who is a 2nd grade teacher. “We built a little studio in the garage, and creating sketches that includes our dog Luna, and 2 kids, 4 year old Tegan and 6 year old Gunnar.  The kids write their own segmentsWe hope that these episodes will bring joy to other families and help them stay strong while staying at home.”

Each week, the show features:

“Did You Know?” – teaching moment of the show

“Kids’ Table” – featuring Blue’s children, Gunnar and Tegan

“Cooking with Carol” – featuring Caroline Cooke, Colts Mascot program coordinator

“Mascot Minute” – featuring a mascot friend of Blue.

Trey didn’t always want to be a mascot.  He went to Auburn University to study Architecture. “Never wanted to be a Mascot but at Freshman Orientation, I saw Aubie the Tiger. He was super Hilarious, super athletic and that was it!  I wanted to be part of it.

How did it feel being inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame?   “To see something I sketched out on my parents dining room table brought to life and to see the return of the joy that has been brought to be people from our blue horse is amazing.  Gives me such purpose and we need to do more!”

So Trey Mock aka “Blue” is doing more, with “HOUSE OF BLUE”.  You’ll love it, the kids will love it. Fresh episodes 3 times a week on the following platforms.<>