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CASWELL COUNTY, N.C.–The Occupational Health and Safety Administration [OSHA} will look into whether the zoo where a lion killed a woman from New Palestine, was violating any safety regulations. 

ABC 11 in Durham, reports the Dept. of Labor has not yet set foot on the property at the Conservators Center near Greensboro, but they do plan to look into the death of Alexandra Black, 22, and how a lion got out of a locked area and killed her Sunday.

“This is the Conservators Center on Hughes Mill Rd. We have had a lion attack,” said a voice on the 911 call, which was released Tuesday. “The person that was attacked, how bad are they hurt,” asked the dispatcher. “They are incapacitated,” stated Mandy Stinner, executive director of the Center, the person who made the call.

The dispatcher than asked if the lion had been contained.

“I’m on my way there,” replied Stinner. She then asked someone if the lion was secure, and replied yes.

The 911 Call

Audio titled LION 911 CALL by 93WIBC

The lion was secure, as far as the spectators went. But, the male lion named Matthai, had gotten out of the section of cage where he had been locked for the cage cleaning, and mauled Black to death.

Deputies couldn’t get to Black and to shoot and kill the lion.

“I know that when the decision was made, all parties were in agreeance that it was time to take that action.” said Caswell County Sheriff Tony Durden. “It took several shots to bring him down. He was amped up. He had been moving around the enclosure several times.”

Black had been working at the Center for less than two weeks. Her family said she loved animals and Stinner said she knew Black believed her work was important.

The non-profit Center has been open for about 20 years, but is closed now while they investigate.

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