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Hot damn! Christmas is right around the corner! The lights! The presents! The mischievous children who fart in Santa’s lap!

Ah, but along with Holiday cheer comes gift pressure. Children are one thing, but it’s a real pain in the ass to buy for grown-ups.

Why not consider a quality gift from Jimmy Dean, makers of fine sausage? 

The good folks at Jimmy Dean just rolled out their unique offerings for the holiday season, and the most coveted granddaddy of them all is the sausage flavored candy cane.

“MMMmmm. Nummy!”

It’s all part of their Jimmy Dean Gift Exchange promotion. They will also have sausage flavored lip balm and sausage scented wrapping paper.

So instead of buying your relatives actual sausage that will expire by Christmas, opt for these truly grotesque sausage candy canes. At the very least, it’ll help them realize that whatever amount of money they spent on your gift was probably too much. 

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