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By golly, they’ve done it again! This year’s finalists for “2019 Journalistic Malpractice Awards” have crafted some of the most impressively vile submissions we’ve seen in the history of our proud organization!

We salute and congratulate the Associated Press, the New York Times, and the L.A. Times for your grand achievements in journalistic malpractice. Through time and consistent effort, you’ve truly lowered the bar of credibility for these once great news organizations to levels that make the National Enquirer look like a legitimate media outlet by comparison. 2019 represents some of your very best!

Before presenting our awards, let take a look at your submissions for this year’s challenge from the Media Malpractice Institute of Liberal Journalism: “Divert Attention from the Brutality of Mexican Drug Cartels and Violence Along The Southern Border by Implying that Practice of Mormonism is Responsible for the Death of Innocent Women and Babies Who Were Burned Alive.”

The story you were given was of six children and three women living in a faith-based community of U.S. citizens in Mexico who were brutally murdered Monday in the northern part of the country.  In that brazen daylight ambush, an additional six more children were wounded after their convoy came under fire.

Additional information provided to aid you in crafting your submissions included a report that the victims were believed to be members of the extended LeBaron family, who lived in a religious community in La Mora, northern Mexico that was founded as part of an offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around 70 miles south of Douglas, Ariz.

Now let’s take a look at the submissions from our finalists! 

First up, The Los Angeles Times with “Blame the Victims”

“Massacre of U.S. citizens puts spotlight on Mormon community with deep roots in Mexico”

LA TImes

Next, The New York Times with “Eff Them Mormons”

“‘Innocence is Shattered’ A Storied Mormon Family Reels After Mexico Murders”

New York Times

And finally, The Associated Press with “Hold My Beer, LA Times and NY Times”

“Mexican Killing Spotlights Mormon Community with Deep Roots.”

Associated Press

Congratulations to our finalists and blessings upon you all for your incredibly nauseating efforts!

We now go to WIBC host Tony Katz as he rips open the envelope and reveals the top pick for “2019’s Journalistic Malpractice Awards” in the clip below.