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Elephants… They’re majestic… They’re beautiful… Also, their flavorful feces makes for one hell of a tasty gin!

Yes, there’s new gin on the market, and it’s made with fruity-flavored feces! 

Indlovu Gin, created by elephant dung connoisseurs Les and Paula Ansley, is lovingly crafted with the finest elephant crap in the world!  

Why use Dumbo’s dung to create gin? The Ansley’s stumbled across the idea a year ago after learning that elephants eat a variety of fruits and flowers and yet digest less than a third of it.

“As a consequence, in the elephant dung, you get the most amazing variety of these botanicals,” Les Ansley said in an interview with CTVNews. “Why don’t we let the elephants do the hard work of collecting all these botanicals and we will make gin from it?” he recalled his wife saying at the time.

The Ansley’s describe the gin’s flavor as “lovely, wooded, almost spicy, earthy” and one that changes subtly with the seasons and location.

The gin bottles are marked with the date and coordinates of where the elephant dung was collected. 

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time that elephant dung has been used to create adult beverages.

A Japanese brewer created a new beer a few years ago called Un, Kono Kuro, which is made using coffee beans that have passed through an elephant.

As it turns out, elephant dung has all kinds of practical uses:

  • Mosquito repellent: Set it ablaze and watch the mosquitos scatter!
  • Water: In an emergency, squeeze poo and drink water.
  • Mild pain killer and a remedy for a bleeding nose: burn it and inhale fumes.
  • Eco-friendly paper: The average elephant excretes enough fibrous poo to produce 115 sheets of paper each day.
  • A coffee brew: Black Ivory Coffee is made with coffee beans that have been crapped out by an elephant. It costs $500 a pound.
  • Power: Waste can be used to generate gas for stoves, heat and even electricity.

In short, elephant dung is essentially the vinegar of bum biscuits.

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