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INDIANAPOLIS--Eli Lilly and Company is investing $400 million in its manufacturing facilities at its Lilly Technology Center campus in Indianapolis.

The company is also creating nearly 100 new jobs. 

In an announcement Wednesday, Eli Lilly company leaders said they were investing that money to address the increasing demand for Lilly’s current medicines, which includes enhancements to existing manufacturing facilities that make insulin. The money will also provide additional manufacturing capacity for future medicines.  

“These investments demonstrate Lilly’s commitment to our manufacturing footprint in Indiana and the United States, and have been made possible by the tax reform measures passed by Congress in 2017,” said David A. Ricks, Lilly’s chairman and chief executive officer. “With more capital available as a result of tax reform, Lilly and other Indiana companies are able to re-invest and expand production here at home. This is crucial for us to continue to advance our state’s economy and drive future investment – adding high-tech jobs and facilities that keep Indiana competitive in the global marketplace.”

One of the people who attended the announcement was Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. 

“For decades, Indianapolis has been known as a hub for innovation, driven in large part by Eli Lilly and Company’s commitment to our community and their global reputation as an industry leader,” said Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. “Today’s announcement helps to expand the skilled workforce in Indianapolis and reinforce the company’s presence in central Indiana.” 

Myles O’Neill, Senior Vice President and President of Manufacturing Operations, says the new 100 jobs will be put to good use. 

“All of these projects support Lilly’s investment in next-generation manufacturing and feature high levels of automation, robotics, new technologies, and advanced data analytics. To make medicine, we need highly skilled technicians, scientists, and engineers, who are economic catalysts for local communities,” he said. 

Lilly says they have invested over $5 billion in the U.S. since 2012, with the majority of this investment in its Indiana facilities and nearly $2 billion in the manufacturing of diabetes medicines.