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A Pennsylvania university’s commencement ceremony is going viral after the presenter unrecognizably mispronounces students’ names.

Thomas Jefferson University is apologizing after the names of several nursing students’ names were butchered at a recent commencement.

Announcing the names at any event, can be stressful. There is major pressure to make sure individuals get their earned recognition by being correctly called upon. This pressure, of course, includes graduation ceremonies.

In this day in age there are so many unique names it is easy to stumble, which is why many events phonetically spell things out. How could that backfire?

Well, someone in charge of Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Nursing commencement tried to be as through as possible (in hindsight, a bit too through.) This became obvious when students were clearly more and more confused as their names were called to receive their diploma.

You might be thinking, “give the woman a break, there’s a lot of names to perfect.” Before we answer that, here are just a few of the names that caught the announcer off guard.

“Sayer Oo-voon Geen-goo Bree-none,” (aka Sarah Virginia Brennan)

“May-vee Lee Zu-beth.” (aka Maeve Elizabeth)

And like a IRL Key & Peele sketch it, Just. Kept. Going.

Stephanie was pronounced “Eff-uni,” while Jessica was “Jay-si-u.”

And our personal favorite, “Tom-mu-may” or Thomas (which also happens to be the name of the school..)

The announcer was switched half-way through the ceremony. The school issued an apology immediately explaining the over phonetic spelling on the cue cards were the source of the bizarre mix-up.