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(Screen Capture: Passenger Shaming)

A couple of genuine frequent flyer jackasses got themselves into a fight that nearly turned physical over a window shade.

In video posted by Instagram account @passengershaming, the two toddlers trapped in grownup bodies battle over the position of the window cover, one man pulling it down and the man in front of him pulling it back up.

“Leave it open,” the man in the front seat demands.

“Please can you shut it?” the other man says.

At this point, a flight attendant attempts to intervene, but to no avail.

The man in the front seat holds his hand on the blinder to prevent the passenger behind from pulling it back down. At one point, he reached his arm toward the man behind him in an attempt to stop his arm from reaching for the window.

“Don’t touch me,” the man in the back says. “That’s assault.”

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