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LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A judge in Tippecanoe County has issued several subpoenas in the case of a young girl abandoned by her adoptive parents in Lafayette. 

Court documents say Tippecanoe County Sheriff Bob Goldsmith and detective Brandon Davenport have been summoned to provide testimony at a December 17th hearing. Natalie Barnett has also been handed a subpoena. She’s the girl who was left in Lafayette by Michael and Kristine Barnett in 2013. 

The two said they were scammed when they adopted Natalie saying she lied about her age and used her dwarfism to mask that she was really an adult. They had her age tested in the years after they adopted her and in 2012 legally changed her age from eight to 22.

A year later they rented an apartment in Lafayette and left her there before moving to Canada. The pair have since divorced but were arrested and bonded out of jail earlier this year on child neglect charges.

Before a gag order was placed on everyone involved in the case, Natalie Barnett insisted to Dr. Phil McGraw on his NBC show that she is now 16 years old and not an adult masquerading as a child.

(PHOTO: Education Images/Getty Images)