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Republican Eric Holcomb and Democrat Jonathan Weinzapfle led the pack in campaign fundraising for their respective statewide races.   Today was the filing deadline for annual campaign reports. Here’s a summary…

Governor’s Race

Eric Holcomb

  • Raised approximately $4.26 million since the last filing period.  Nearly two million of that was in the last two months. He reported $7.2 million in cash on hand.

Dr. Woody Myers

  • He reported raising $180,000, but his campaign spent nearly $178,000 and reported nearly $1,800 in cash on hand.  He also loaned himself nearly $60,000.

Josh Owens

  • Owens raised nearly $84,000, spent $67,000 and had slightly more than $16,000 in cash on hand.

Eddie Melton

  • Although Eddie Melton had dropped out of the raise, his reports show he raised $60,000 for his campaign, spent $30,000 and had $30,000 in cash on hand.

Attorney General

Curtis Hill

  • Hill raised about $496,000.  He spent $312,000 and had $183,000 in cash on hand. 

John Westercamp

  • Westercamp raised about $77,000, spent $39,000 and had $38,000 in cash on hand.

Jonathan Weinzapfel

  • Raised – $617,000.  Spent – $7,800. Cash on hand  – $609,000.

Karen Tallian

  • Raised – $205,000.  Spent – $61,000. Cash on hand – $144,000.

Other Items of Note

Although she isn’t running again, Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick reported raising $45,000.  She had no campaign expenditures.

State Senator Victoria Spartz, who suspended her Senate campaign to explore a possible run for Congress,  reported raising $324,000 this year, spending $48,000 and having more than $356,000 in the bank

Former Secretary of State and Congressman Todd Rokita, who is reportedly exploring a run for Attorney General didn’t raise any money, but spent more than $11,000 and had about $2,100 in cash on hand.

Photo: Indy Politics