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INDOT camera footage of the scene after the shooting on I-465

Source: (PHOTO: INDOT)

INDIANAPOLIS — A two-year transportation planning study called ProPEL Indy will determine INDOT’s next major projects. The study will focus on improving the roads within the I-465 Loop in Indianapolis.

Leaders say its goal is to improve transportation, fairness, economic opportunities, and overall well-being. The main focus will be upgrading I-65 and I-70 inside the I-465 loop.

“It’s a different approach than people are used to with other transportation projects like the north split; the public is involved earlier in the planning process,” said Natalie Garrett, the Communications Director for INDOT. “At this point, everything is on the table, and we are not coming in with a list of approaches or projects.”

INDOT sees this as a special chance for businesses and individuals to shape the future of interstates in Indianapolis over the next 20 years. The study outlines practical goals and aims to finish within a year.

“Modernizing is something that we are trying to think about and asking people how they define modernizing in liaison with making sure we identify the needs and solutions to those needs,” said Tim Miller, the Project Manager for ProPEL Indy.

Initial feedback suggests that the portion of I-70 from the airport to the city needs improvement for incoming travelers. Stakeholders seek to enhance Indianapolis’ image for visitors, whether for business or leisure.

“We are looking to improve safety and mobility across the entire corridor of I-65 and I-70 here in Indianapolis,” said Garrett.

The main focuses of the ProPEL Indy study are quality of life and livability, economic growth and opportunity, transportation and mobility, and equity.

“It’s a well-rounded study,” she added. “We are looking at a number of different things as we think about transportation in Indianapolis,” she said. “Safety runs in there along with transportation and mobility.”

The simplest way to participate in this study is to visit it online. You can locate the survey by searching for ProPEL Indy on the internet. Additionally, there are opportunities for groups or businesses to arrange presentations by ProPEL Indy members. You can also sign up for a monthly newsletter, or follow ProPEL Indy on social media for updates.