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Here at the Hammer and Nigel show we love a good old fashion Florida news story.

Here’s a local Florida headline for you, “It’s really fun!” Sanford woman admits to shoplifting. 

A 30 year-old woman was seen leaving the Palm Coast Walmart with a shopping cart full of stolen goods. A passerby reported to police that the woman refused to show her receipt for her items then ran to the parking lot to unload the $1,030 worth of items in a car before fleeing on foot.

Police arrived to find the woman walking back into the store. She admitted quickly to stealing the items, claiming she unloaded them all in a random unlocked car.

She told police she was “playing a game” called 21. The young woman explained that you grab as much merchandise as you can without paying and getting caught. The deputy pointed out that was in fact not a game, but rather “that’s theft.” 

The woman exclaimed the game was “fun too, it’s really fun.” The officer asked, “oh, going to jail is fun?” 

After investigating the car, police found out that she had stolen her boyfriend’s car. (We presume ex-boyfriend at this point.) They also found proof that… you guessed it…  she was on drugs!

The no-nonsense sheriff told the local news that “If she really thought she was playing a shoplifting game, she lost to our deputies and observant citizens.”