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President Biden has many catchphrases. “Anywayyyy.” “C’mon Man.” “Not a Joke.” Another common Bidenism, is Joe constantly telling the public he’ll “get in trouble” with his staff.

The president made a campaign stop Monday at the New Hampshire Democratic headquarters. As he was concluding his remarks, he asks the room “Am I allowed to take any questions?” He stands in the middle of the room, looking lost.

The room laughs at the uncomfortable moment, before he adds “Anybody here a sta–. “ He was cut off by a staff member at that point who quickly interjected with a “thank you, press” before the live camera feed was cut.

This isn’t the first time Biden has asked for permission during a press conference.

In 2021, Biden told the media he’s “not supposed to be answering all these questions.” And let’s not forget the 2022 White House Easter Egg Roll where a staff member had to dress like the Easter Bunny to lead the president away from greeting the public. Just last week, Biden concluded a press briefing with “I have a lot of questions. I better not start the questions. I’ll get in trouble.” 

Hammer and Nigel want to know why the leader of the free world needs approval from staff before doing anything. Nigel says it’s pretty simple, “why do you always ask for permission? You’re the president of the United States.”

Hammer adds, “And people were laughing at him… like we are laughing at the President of the United States having to ask permission to talk to people.” 

The Biden Administration can make all the note cards they want. They can try to limit the press’ questions and monitor pre-approved inquiries, but Biden’s inabilities to speak for himself (let alone the nation) is as obvious as it comes.