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Source: WIBC / WIBC

After losing the Indianapolis Mayoral race back in November, Jefferson Shreve has decided to run for the U.S. Congress.

Officials with Shreve’s campaign announced on Friday that Shreve will run for Indiana’s open sixth district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican.

Shreve enters a competitive field with at least four other GOP candidates vying for the seat currently occupied by Greg Pence, who declared last month that he is not seeking another term.

Shreve is a former member of the Indianapolis City-Council and the founder and CEO of Storage Express. He lost to Democratic Incumbent Joe Hogsett by roughly a 60-40 margin when he ran for mayor of Indianapolis in 2023. The 2023 mayoral race in Indianapolis was a multi-million dollar investment by Shreve and Hogsett, setting the record for the most spent in the race.

In a statement from Shreve provided to FOX59/CBS4 on Friday, Shreve said that Congress is facing “record retirements” at a time when he believes “capable, conservative leadership” is needed more than ever.

“After discussions with my family and friends, I am entering the race for the open 6th Congressional District, where I grew up and still live,” Shreve said. “I have a desire to serve my state and use the knowledge and experience I gained running for mayor, along with my business experience and leadership, and put that to useful purpose for my neighbors and fellow Hoosiers.”