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The Indianapolis Police Department is down 350 officers. Fraternal Order of Police President, Lodge 86 Rick Snyder says IMPD is losing more officers than they can hire.

Counties surrounding Indy are close to, if not fully staffed, so why is the IMPD specifically struggling to keep officers?

Snyder told Hammer and Nigel that the doughnut counties in recent years have been able to compete with starting and ongoing salaries. They also have incentives for their officers including new equipment. The most important piece of the puzzle is that their communities and leadership support them.

The FOP President says that “six out every 10 officers have concerns about being criminally prosecuted or simply sued for doing their job.” The IMPD needs Indy leadership to pivot their focus to create a more supportive role. 

Snyder says that the IMPD has some of the best opportunities for officers in the nation. The department offers advance and specialization training, they have a focus on officer wellness, and a top leadership program. However, they need to be able to compete with better salaries, equipment, etc.

The problem isn’t recruiting officers, it’s keeping them.

Listen to the full conversation about the state of the IMPD below: