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Just like that we have a FINAL FOUR for our Biden Madness: In-Season Tournament!

While it has been fun to poke fun of VP Kamala Harris, we knew deep down in our hearts that the final four contenders would all be direct quotes from Joe Biden.

Our Final Four includes #5 Seed: Biden stating he’s going to bed vs #1 Seed: Biden’s iconic forgetfulness while reciting the Declaration of Independence with “you know the thing.” It’s no surprise, the votes are in with “You know the thing” returning to the finals. 

Up next, our second round of the final four is between a newcomer and a classic.

#6 Seed: President Biden has mispronounced more names than he has gotten right over the years. Let us never forget when Biden presented a hip-hop award to LL Cool J.

“LL Jay Cool J, by the way that boy has got- that man has got bigger biceps than my thighs…”


#2 Seed: This will be a hard one to beat. Our reigning champion from Biden Madness 2.0 was non-other than Biden singing Happy Birthday to MLK III’s wife and then forgetting her name.

“Happy Birthday Dear Valvet…Happy Birthday to you.”

You know what to do next, vote for the Bidenism that will compete against “you know the thing” in an epic finale of Biden Madness: In-Season tournament.

Vote on X/Twitter to help decide who moves onto the next round of Biden Madness; In-Season Tournament!

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